Amathus Hash House Harriers

Hashing with the Amathus Hash House Harriers

“Hashing” - the ideal combination of exercise and alcohol consumption.

The pastime, practised all over the World, involves eager(?) runners and/or drinkers taking part in an invigorating run with more than the odd beer or wine after and even during the jog (or walk).

Hashing was started in 1938 by British army officers serving in Malaysia who wanted to work off their weekend’s excesses, or at the very least work up a thirst, before returning to their expat club to recommence drinking. The club was known locally as the Hash House and as a result the running and drinking pastime coined its name.

The hash has been described as a 'drinking club with a running problem'. This is more or less true.
The Amathus H3 was founded in the summer of 1983 by a few local hashers that wanted to start a new group. We are a medium sized group, with around 35-45 runners/walkers on average. Our members come from all walks of life. We are a social group where everyone gets to know everyone else. We are also a family hash, with everyone welcome.

We are runners, walkers and joggers that get together every Sunday. We are a local wholly independent chapter of the Worldwide Hash House Harriers. Anyone that would like to have some fun, drink some beer and get a bit of exercise can join us for our next trail.
There is no formal membership and we LOVE new people to come out and join in the fun.
After our trail and circle, we usually go out for a meal at a close by taverna, or have a picnic right where we end.
All it takes to be an Amathus hasher is a good sense of humor, an interest in the outdoors and half a mind.

Here is what to expect.

The first and most important thing to know is that a hash is NOT a race. The only goal of a hasher is to get a little exercise in while enjoying some of the local bondue, and to get back to the RV to enjoy some liquid refreshment and some good camaraderie. Everyone gathers at the RV (start and usually the end) specified in the 'Next Run Info", and pays €5 for the run and beverages at the end. Then the GM (Grand Master) rings his bell, goes through a few announcements and calls the hares (leaders of the run/walk) in to inform the group about the trail they are about to enjoy.

The trail is usually pre-set with pink (walkers) or blue (runners) flour. They use a variety of special marks to keep the pack together and get everyone back to the awaiting cold beverages. The lead runners shout 'On On' to guide the rest of the hounds (the group of runners and walkers) to the true trail. The hares attempt to keep the pack on trail for about 1 hour (3.5 to 8K depending on terrain). They do shorter trails in the summer and longer trails in the winter, but in the end, it is the hare who decides how long his trail will be. A listing of the trail marking can be found HERE . You can find hare guidelines HERE.

After everyone has finished the trail, they stand around and drink whatever they see fit. Beer is usually the preferred drink (Keo or Carlsberg) but wine and non-alcoholic beverages are provided. At some point, the GM gathers everyone around in a circle and the hash ceremonies begin. He goes through the parish notices and the hares get critted (one of the hounds gets in the circle and critiques the run). Then visitors, virgins and long lost are all called in for introduction and to receive their down-downs (they get a cup filled with the beverage of their choice, then after a short song is sung by the group, they get to down their beverage and turn the empty cup on top of their head).
After the GM is done, the RA (religious adviser) comes in and proceeds to call hashers in for some of the stupid things that were done on trail or in the proceeding week. He gets his stories by your friends ratting you out to the RA before the circle starts.  Also, if anyone has run 10 or more runs, and doesn't have a hash name, he would have the group try and come up with an appropriate hash name.
Eventually the circle is closed, and people either go home, or enjoy a meal together, at a taverna, or a picnic they brought to the RV.

What to Bring
This is a list of items you might what to bring to the hash. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the Members of the Committee and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes that you can run/jog/walk in that you don't mind getting dirty or torn.
  2. Running shoes. Don't wear new shoes, unless you don't mind drinking out of them at the end.
  3. A hash bag.  Nice to have some dry togs to put on at the end. I bring some sandals, towel to wipe down with, bug spray, sun block lotion, you get the idea.
  4. A collapsible chair is always nice for at the end. If we are having a picnic, also a small table, dishes and your food you want to eat.
  5. A good sense of humor!

Our Drinking Policy

The members of the Amathus H3 and it officers strongly enforce responsible drinking. Hash clubs world wide are known for being crazy and doing almost anything, but drunk driving is stupid, not crazy. This sort of behavior has no place in the hash. If you can't drink responsibly, then we DON'T want your patronage and we WILL ask you not to come back.